WARNING: VERY DISTURBING: Jade Helm + Walmart = Rescue Mission? – YouTube

I’m just wondering, if Jade Helm is an operation having to do with rescuing folks involved in human trafficking, and if these things are possibly true what this lady is telling us here about the involvement of folks like American congressmen, (which we all have heard stories of boys town, etc, all through the years, and how massive the trafficking issue is) I can’t help but wonder, once again, about Harry Reid’s obvious recent @$$whooping, which some sources have suggested may have been perpetrated upon him by his very own brother during a family gathering.  Lord, what evil is rising to the surface in this slough of despond that this world has become!.  God help these children and as for the souls of those who are guilty of these atrocities, well, God’s pretty clear on how He feels about that.  Better a millstone around their necks than what He will do to them.  God is righteous, and He is angry with the wicked everyday, as they store up His wrath against themselves.  And His wrath is going to start spilling soon.  The thing is, with all of the debauchery and corruption at the highest levels, it’s as likely the U.S. could call it a rescue mission, and merely be a massive “shipment” of those kids and adults in exchange as capital in some “trade deal”.  It is sick and it is sickening to consider, but the hidden things of this world are going to come out into the open in these days.

You know, if the tunnels are as numerous as they say, it sure would explain the sinkholes!  Still, keep in mind, there is a delusion being perpetrated.  I don’t share these videos with the assumption they are accurate, but to expose the thought processes going on.

The beings that this lady speaks of from her “New Age” perspective, would probably be what we Christians call demons.


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