Summing up

I want to sum up some things. I feel like there has been a LOT coming at us this past several days, and I shoot it right back out at you guys, as I get it.
On Jade Helm: This is clearly a move toward an expected need for military and police action on American soil. Most people are assuming that it will be the government against the citizen. Here is another consideration, we have been infiltrated. Not going to, have already been. The military has been “overhauled” by Obama, or so it would seem, but the fact is, there are more Chris Kyles in the U.S. military than there are Nidal Hassan’s, and more patriots even among the remaining high ranks, than Obama “yes-men”. There is simply no way that in six years Obama et al have been able to completely brainwash and turn around a couple hundred years of military statesmanship and loyalty. He has done enough to make the public distrust them, however, and therein lies the damage. So perhaps there is a coup in the making. Perhaps a great deal of the U.S. military has already taken their side in the “line drawn in the sand”, and my gut tells me most of them are on the side that still plans to uphold the Constitution. BUT, there are factions of Russian military, Chinese military, and U.N. forces here also. The media talks about the Muslim sleeper cells, well, that just may not be our main threat at all. Suppose for a moment that Obama has lost control of our Military. Suppose our military has it’s own plans. Suppose Obama knows this, and is preparing to quell it, and both sides are keeping this whole thing hush hush for now, to make use of the remaining time (running up to the election maybe–all sorts of indicators keep pointing us at September, well, November 4th is right behind that).

I don’t know, guys, I think you have noticed I become more and more narrowed-in as far as sources and “opinions” that I choose to “further” via this blog. The disinformation “machine” is pretty extensive out there, and unfortunately even Christian blogs are, whether knowingly or ignorantly, helping to propagate speculation and stir intrigue that keeps people off-kilter and distracted from finding out the real truth. Whenever a major move is about to be made on ones enemy, it is not unusual for the perpetrators to go ahead and loosen the reigns on gag orders, because they’ve got everything in place and know that what they have set in motion is already inevitable and unstoppable.

Volcanos seem to be going nuts right now. The Megaquake in Nepal is merely the latest in the widespread concern about faults and zones keeping scientists up at night with worry over their potential to bring on the “big one” just any day now.

One thing that is so striking to me right now is what I almost have to refer to as a “Bizarro World” phenomenon. Remember that old Seinfeld episode? The scriptures talk about how evil will be called good and good called evil, but I think this phenomenon is more broadly-encompassing than the concepts of right and wrong. Go back to the gold/white or blue/black. It is like someone took the “rules” of color and turned them on their head. Well, God is a God of order, and when the world essentially fulfills its utter rejection of God, the rules of order that God has sustained, may just go out the window for a bit, so the world can taste what it’s like to get what they have wanted.

So we have the world being “forced” to accept the ludicrous as logical: Case in point, Bruce Jenner is sure that since he was about two years old, he has felt like a woman. Even though he is heterosexual in his sexuality, therefore, not attracted to men, um, he is actually a woman, so, he just wants to be “true” to his real “inner self”. He wants his outside to line up with his inside.

And psychology simply affirms this nonsense. Instead of telling him he’s delusional, they tell him he should absolutely be true to this thing that he feels, and all the rest of us should darn well fall in line and affirm it (pretend along with him) as well.

This week we will be forced by Supreme Court edict, to affirm Gay Marriage. Mark my words. It will change everything because the highest “law of the land” in America will put it’s stamp of “approval” on this practice and the rest of us who still see it for what it is, will become outlaws, our beliefs, and principles will become “criminal” under American law.

When I was a young nursing student, well, even before Nursing school, when I was doing the preliminary “pre-nursing” part of my study, I used to sweat every exam. I used to have horrible “performance anxiety” on exam day. I worked myself up into a real anxious state, and no doubt that only served to short circuit my memory, and lower my performance on those tests. As I went on in my training and study, actually getting into the performance, not just theory and supporting sciences, but the practice of nursing, when all the preliminary foundational stuff started to make sense, exam-time became less terror-inducing, and some of it may just have been a product of having been through so many nail-biting exams and still managing to pass them, I eventually got to the point that I realized that, though all of the time leading up to the exam there was space to question whether I was doing everything I can to pass it, when the moment of truth arrived, that is to say, test day, there is no more question, time is up, and now all that is left is to sit down, read the questions and answer them to the best of my knowledge. And so, the real pressure was all past-tense at that point. I became in nursing school the epitome of relaxation on test day, which people couldn’t quite figure out. I don’t credit myself for that, I think I just lucked out and figured out a way of looking at it that eliminated all that stress for me in the “moment of truth”.

Well, for those of you who have been watching, studying, paying attention, and who sincerely long for the Lord’s appearing, the things that are coming to pass right now are not alarming to you at all. You are not scrambling to preserve your wealth by buying gold and silver, because out there behind the financial instability, you have your eyes on Israel. You know that if Israel was not sitting, as Terry James put it, right in the middle of the “eye of the storm” right this minute, then yeah, the economic situation as it stands would be something to fret about and prepare for if it is within your means to do so. The fact remains that there is truly not a whole lot that some (many) people can do, but the fact for the Christian who knows the truth about these times, is that you know it is not money, gold, or guns that we are to ultimately trust in.

Nothing wrong with doing what you can, and in fact, I have said before that I think God has put it on the heart of some Christians to do the “prepping” but it’s not for them, even if that’s what they think it’s for. It’s going to be one means of providing for those who will become believers during the tribulation. So I don’t get into debates about whether or not to buy gold or adopt the prepper lifestyle.

Prophecy is history written down in advance by an omniscient God. What will be, will be.
The fact we are watching this world fall apart at the seams is both troubling, and for the believer who looks forward to eternity with great anticipation, exciting!

Bill Whittle’s commentary on the stupidity of college graduates that I posted earlier today, is spot-on as a marker of just how far gone some of this generation are, thanks to the degree of indoctrination taking place in many public schools and many more “institutions of higher learning”. However, the Lord has a remnant, even in that. Home schooled kids, some kids raised in Christian homes that were very proactive in overseeing the public school education and like the art of Aikido, chose to use the enemy’s “own momentum” to counter-move against the enemy, by informing their kids what is wrong with those aspects of their public school education, so that they can recognize it for what it is, and then also there are some in this generation who have been educated in good Christian schools who are getting a solid education with a curriculum based in scripture.

As you can see, I don’t fall squarely into the various “camps”. I am not one of those people who thinks that letting your kids go to public school is a grievous sin against them and against God. I am not one of those people who thinks that any one denomination holds the sole monopoly on the truth.

God’s Christian remnant is across the globe. His sheep hear His voice. We sheep may not always even recognize fellow sheep. But it doesn’t matter, because the Shepherd knows who are His.

The end-time conditions, in which mankind is approaching quickly the degree of arrogance and rebellion against God that God will not tolerate, are in place now. Think of them as plants in the garden, if you will. The seeds were sown long ago, the cultivation has been continuous and meticulous, we are seeing green shoots poke up through the soil, something new growing, we’ve not seen before, but recognize as well-rooted and beginning to thrive.

The end-time collusion to adopt a global “system” by which humanity reigns supreme, in a global citizenship which holds the creation (rather than the creator), as sacred, but which also is driven and steered by way of complete control over all the worlds wealth, and all power to buy or to sell, that system is coming together even before the old system has passed away. It must. It has to be in place and ready to function when the collapse of the old system takes place.

Michelle Bachman’s very forthright conversation in her interview with Jan Markel that I posted late last week, put it in plain language, and I was glad to hear JD Farag also mention that interview. When the things I see as significant, are confirmed by others who have their finger on the pulse of prophetic events, it is an indication that the same Holy Spirit is informing us, guiding us to those stories, and leading us to share them.

The fact that Bachman’s words became the topic of a twisting and ridiculous Huffington Post article, really proves the desperation of the enemy at this late hour, and how threatening it is to the enemy’s agenda, for Christians to speak the truth boldly. The fact that Obama, as well, chose Bachman’s comments as a topic to make light of in the White House Correspondents Dinner, I feel is also telling. Whether it is ignorant or knowing, for Obama to both twist and make fun of Bachman’s statements, again shows that the enemy is sweating that unabashed plain talk Bachman dished out.

There is not a national or worldwide “hail mary” type revival that is going to save this nation or turn back the clock or stem the tide. Because what is happening here has to happen, to lay the groundwork for the world chaos that’s coming. The strength of America, sort of like Sampson, is gone. And there may be a spectacular last minute strength the Lord grants to this nation the way He did Sampson, but we’re going down, nonetheless. Before the rapture, after the rapture, it doesn’t really matter to me, personally. I’m kind of like I was about those exams. It’s the moment of truth. My faith and hope is in God alone, not gold, silver, guns, governments, militaries, or anything of this earth.

When labor begins, if it is true labor, there is no stopping it. That’s where we are. This life is like the womb, for a believer. We are getting ready to be born into true life, and experience for the first time, since the fall in the garden of Eden, what God intended us to be, to have in Him, and that prospect surpasses any threat we might face between now and then, between here, and there.

It is my absolute firm conviction that the rapture will take place very soon. I have posted a lot today, and over the weekend, so unless there are major new developments in the next few days, I may just give you guys some time to catch up. There is a post that I have on schedule to auto-publish tomorrow, as I was awaiting permission from the author, and have it now. So be sure and take the time to listen to the Olive Tree broadcast with Michelle Bachman if you haven’t already heard it, and don’t forget that if you have trouble keeping up with so much, the Lion of Judah blog is fantastic at weeding through it all and giving you a synopsis of the most important stuff from the previous week, if you suffer from “Info Overload” trying to read all my stuff.

Keep your head lifted up. Your redemption draweth nigh. Unless you haven’t received salvation in Jesus. Then, you’re in for a world of hurt. Literally. Now is not the time for breaking it to you gently. It’s not the time for political correctness. Your immediate future is going to be hell on earth if you are unsaved, and you will go through the tribulation. And your eternity is going to be the literal hell the Bible speaks of. I don’t much care how that sounds, because I didn’t write it and I don’t have to like it nor do you, but it is the truth, and you can’t escape that future unless someone tells you that truth. It’s up to you whether to receive it or not. Jesus died so you could escape the fate of wrath and hell, but you have to take God at His Word. The gospel says the same God who created you, will judge you, and His standard is perfect righteousness and holiness. None of us meet that standard, but He sent His own son to purchase the pardon that His holiness prohibits Him from giving you for free. His perfect Holiness requires propitiation for sin, and His perfect Mercy provided the propitiation. You have to believe it in order to receive it. It is not a matter of Him sending you to Hell, but that Hell is the default destination of all that is defiled, just like a surgeon cannot allow something unsterile into the sterile field, because it would render it no longer sterile, God cannot allow something defiled into His holy presence.

Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!
To repent is to turn around. Stop going the way you are going, and go a different way. Turn from unbelief, to belief by faith. You say you would like to believe, but you “can’t”. By God’s grace, you can. Choose to believe that which seems “to good to be true”; that the God of Abraham, the Christian God, rather than require you to do anything “for” Him, has done everything for you, all you have to do is receive that salvation Christ already purchased.

Some people call that “cheap grace” but the Bible calls it the “faith of a child”. Remember what it was like when you were a kid, before the understanding and the responsibility of adulthood landed on your shoulders? When, hopefully, you had a mother and father or someone who was your guardian at least, whose job it was to take care of you and provide you with food and a place to live, to pay the bills that ensured your heat and electricity and water?

That’s a child’s existence. A baby is born utterly helpless and dependent. That is what God offers you. How many times have we thought how nice it would be to go back to childhood and be carefree again. In the beginning, before Adam and Eve sinned, that is the kind of relationship man had with God. God provided everything they needed to be happy and content. And collectively, humankind blew it first in Adam and Eve, but had we been the first humans ourselves, the story would have played out just the same.

It’s not fairy tales. It’s God’s written Word, given to men, inspired by God, written down and preserved so we could know.

Yes, that is really what I believe. I believe the Bible. Will you? Or will you take your chances in casting in your lot with the humanists? They have a plan, but it will fail. The New World Order is a ruse. It is going to happen, but it will not be what it presents itself to be, and when you figure out then, that what I say here and now is the truth, that what the old-time preachers said was the truth, that what Michelle Bachman said, is the truth, it will be much too late for you then. I’m warning you because I care. God is dealing with people, and He has an offer on the table that is going to expire soon. If He is speaking to your heart, don’t you dare put it off, don’t turn away, please, I am pleading with you. The door is going to close. This could be your very last chance.

3 thoughts on “Summing up

  1. Thanks for all you do to get the Truth out and for clarifying so much of what is circulating the news. Several thoughts passed through my mind while reading this, but I’ll comment on just one. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t look at my cellar and pantry full of home canned goods, the two plots of tilled land in my backyard waiting for this year’s garden and our 100+ chickens and think to myself it is all dual-purposed. We are blessed with the Lord’s provision while here, but I also know in my heart that another purpose is to provide for my neighbors when we are called up. It is a serious reminder, as well, that we need to do what we can to share the Truth with them so hopefully they won’t be here to raid the supplies we leave behind.


  2. “As it was in the days of Noah.” I look around my world and i think, Wow!!! Very alarming stuff happening all over. It’s hard to live in dark times, but those who follow the Lord Jesus know there is hope in the end for anyone who puts their trust in Him.
    It’s a privilege to read your posts. Thank you for putting so much of your time on this blog site to keep many informed. Keep looking up to Jesus!!! \o/ GBU & your fam. ❤


    • That is so very sweet, thank you. I know I just can’t help that urgency that God has placed in me about this time we are in.. There are days when I literally do stay here at this the whole day, because it is just pouring in, you know? The signs, the warnings, the unction of the Holy Spirit Himself, He is calling out to people and I don’t always understand everything my own self, but the Holy Spirit gives the words and directs me to the important events, stories and commentaries and I just feel humbled and blessed that I get to have a front row seat to witness what God is doing. I rarely feel confidence in what I do while I am doing it, but have been walking this road long enough to recognize God’s doing HIs own thing, and when to obey the prompting, as I’m just along for the ride. I have had the privilege of hearing from so many genuinely kind and dear people, and I look forward to the future conversations in heaven with folks I’ve “met” here. I always thought it was the coolest thing, with Christianity, that we have family all over the place we haven’t even met yet. Life experience and wounds, can cause us to forget that and close ourselves off as we get older. I look forward to heaven with an eagerness and anticipation that some people who know me seem to almost worry about, lol, but I just can’t help it! This world has lost any and all attraction for me, I am very much the bride anticipating the wedding day, and patience is not my strong suit, but every time that I really let myself think about the moment finally getting here, I also am constrained by the knowledge that the glorious day is not worth hastening if by delaying one more person can be saved. Thankfully God knows the number that will constitute the “fullness of the Gentiles, and when that last lamb comes, He’ll not waste a moment, and we’ll go Home at exactly the right time.


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