Jade Helm update, it’s much more extensive than we knew

youtube logo button     By the way…

If you will click on the YouTube logo on the video below, it will redirect you to watch it in youtube.  Once you are viewing it on there, you can right click on the

Tools button

“Tools” button that looks like a gear or cog, and a drop-up menu will appear that allows you to change the speed of this video, to make it faster if you are a fast reader and a “fast listener”.  I sort of have to be, with the volume of stuff I read and view for the blog. You also can make any video slower that way, but those buttons only are available when you are viewing it in YouTube. Just wanted to let you know.

As the speaker talks about China’s part in Jade Helm, remember the Bible tells us that the borrower will be enslaved to the lender.

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