An unplanned day off, and some perspective

Special Forces Train With Cops For House to House Raids

A Doped-out Baby-stabber

Jade Helm and the Coming Economic Collapse

Ssshhhh ! – Quiet Federal Homeland Security Raid (Iowa) Finds Containers Shipping Firearms and Ammunition To Syria/Lebanon…

Some days there is stuff that keep me from getting on to post the latest, but often the headlines and news have not changed much in my absence.  It gets crazier every day.  The rumor mill on Jade Helm is mind-boggling.  It is like mass-paranoia in every direction.  No one trust the police, the police can’t afford to trust anyone, five percent of the population are gay, but they are holding hostage the whole rest of Americans with their agenda and everyone meant to be a voice of reason has lost their minds.  All of the above are links to stories from today.  If you can stomach them.

I don’t want to talk about today’s headlines.  Lets look ahead to September, shall we?

September 2, a new movie being released called “No Escape”, formerly entitled “The Coup”.  A man and his family find themselves trapped in the middle of a civil uprising.

September 4, movie release of “Jane Got a Gun”-a woman defends her land from vigilante gangs.  Also: “Kitchen Sink” about Zombies vs Aliens vs Vampires.

September 11th, release movie “Triple 9”.  999 is police-speak for “Officer Down”.  (also one of those nifty little occult uses of 666, by inverting it). Dirty cops forced by Russian mob to pull off an impossible heist calling in a fake 999 as the cover.

also being released on the 11th:  “The Visit”: Weird things happen after 9:30 on a visit to Grandma and Grandpas house for two city kids.

13 at sundown, is start of Rosh Hashanah

18th a movie release called “Black Mass”, Depp channels Jack Nicholson as he plays notorious mobster turned informant, Whitey Bulgar.

21st The International Day of Peace

22nd Wicca/occult celebrates Mabon, descent into the underworld, a time when the tide of life is waning, and the tide of death is growing stronger, and ushers in a flood of decomposition

22nd World Meeting of Families Pontifical Coucil

22nd Waqf al Arafa-Hajj (9th day of lunar Islamic calendar, fasting practiced for atonement for previous years sins and those for year to come, and Eid al Adhar the Muslim Sacrifice Day)

22-23 Autumnal Equinox

23 Yom Kippur

25th Pope to address UN on Agenda 21 and Agenda 21 to be officially adopted as world policy.

26th the UN Elimination of Nuclear Weapons day

27/28 Sukkot  a Sabbath commemoration of the temporary dwellings of the 40 years of wandering of children of Israel

28th Total lunar eclipse, 4th blood moon in the tetrad

28th The 70th UN General Assembly commences

Now. With things being as they are, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is being pushed in the same way the “Affordable Care Act” was, and all the usual folks are predicting huge gun-control laws to be smuggled into effect via the TPP fast-track/no time to read the bill method.  They aren’t going to try and take the guns right off, they have to make them illegal first, and then bring in the “world authorities” and the “Obama’s private army” to perform the confiscations.   Jade Helm, according to some, is just the beginning stage of establishing a total police state and their “mastering the human domain” is designed to classify all citizens according to: who you are, what you do, who you know, and context (demographics, politics, cultural norms, and religion) (Source).   I even read somewhere that postal workers would possibly be used to mark mailboxes to indicate a category of “danger” to the state, for each household, based on political and religious affiliations, etc.

Here’s our sign.  They won’t need to mark it.


Nasrani Arabic symbol for Christian

Watching the demolition take shape, day by day,  is a little like torture, but only in the way that one would feel in watching their old childhood home be demolished, in preparation for the brand new one that will soon take it’s place.  There’s nothing wrong with having some sentimental feelings, but for believers in Christ who know this world is not our home, that mourning for the most part is already done, and not all that gut-wrenching either.

I feel the weight of this life lifting, and my Spirit stills within me with relief to know that long- anticipated days are growing near in the future.  Setting our eyes on that far shore, we can endure the turbulence that lies between here, and there.  Our God is faithful.  Peace, be still.  As the storm gathers, as the battle rages, He will fight for you, and hide you in the shadow of His wings.  It won’t be long now.  Enter into His rest.  Only trust Him.  You who are in Jesus, have been safely delivered already.

If I place a letter in a book, and I send that book to London, the letter is delivered with the book.

Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there  ye may be also.”

And:   “It is finished. ”

All that is left is for us to step outside of time, when the shout is uttered and the trumpet blasts.   That portal in the time-space continuum is that place where we all will catch up to those who went before us, the exit from time is the entrance to eternity, and none of what happens here on Earth will have any bearing on us until the bride returns with Christ to witness as He occupies the throne of David.

Those folks messing around with CERN, trying to open a portal to a supernatural dimension, can only reap what is already their destiny outside of Christ.  What they unleash can not touch those whose flesh was crucified in Christ on Calvary, as we remain hidden in Him.  We were resurrected to newness of life, a new creation in Christ over whom the law of sin and death no more hold power.   For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.  What’s not to rejoice over?  Israel will have her eternal Beulah land, and so will we.