What’s next? Earthquakes, volcanoes give Japan the jitters

The Extinction Protocol

Japan Quake Fears
June 2015JAPAN Last Saturday’s 8.1-magnitude earthquake was the fourth major seismic event to strike Japan in one week, suggesting that a period of relative stability in the tectonic plates beneath the country has come to an end. From Hokkaido in the north of Japan to Kyushu at the other end of the archipelago, the shaking started at 8:23 pm on Saturday. It began as a slight shaking of the ground before quickly building up to more violent movements. For anyone who experienced the magnitude 8.1 earthquake, it seemed to last a lot longer than the three minutes that were recorded by the Japan Meteorological Agency’s instruments. The tremor was the sixth-largest to strike Japan in the last 100 years and instantaneously brought back images of the devastation caused the length of the coastline of north-east Japan in March 2011 by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
This time…

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