IDF Drills for War With Hezbollah and Gaza- Israel News

The IDF is planning a drill that will simulate a “nightmare” scenario of blanket missile attacks emanating from both the north and south of Israel on a scale so large that the Iron Dome missile defense system would not be able to combat it.

According to a report in Israel National News quoting sources in the Defense establishment who wish to remain anonymous, Israel could suffer over 4,000 casualties in the first few days of such an attack. It is currently estimated that Hezbollah possesses over 100,000 missiles of various sizes that are currently stockpiled in Lebanon and intended for use against Israel in a future conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning during a special briefing held for journalists last week. “Iran is seeking to cover Israel with intense fire. In Lebanon, the Iranians are inserting the most advanced weapons in the world, and strengthening Hezbollah, so that it can hit any spot in Israel.” Netanyahu was also quoted in Makor Rishon saying, “They are trying to build a second front in the Golan, and of course, in Gaza.”

Former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak also spoke out regarding Hezbollah’s ability to attack Israel and inflict heavy casualties should Israel be unprepared in a future conflict.

via IDF Drills for War With Hezbollah and Gaza- Israel News.