An all-in-one dose for you today, and it’s pretty potent, let me warn you!

While many Americans are turning their backs on Israel in their darkest hour, an Israeli company is helping California drought-sufferers, by sharing their desalinization know-how.

An article by Daymond Duck (Syria’s Last Legs) on Rapture Ready indicates the very real likelihood of a peace agreement being forced into place by various world powers, between June 30th and no later than Spring of 2017.  His conclusions based not on the goals set by the pressuring parties, but by the current situation in Syria that looks to possibly be Jeremiah 49:23-27 playing out, which will culminate in fulfillment of the Isaiah 17 prophecy.

Meanwhile, that “spoil” that Gog and the Magog alliance will come against Israel with the purpose of taking, is becoming a bigger jackpot by the day.  Millions in Gold have been discovered beneath Eilat, and the plan is for it to finance the building of the new Temple, according to this article. which includes an interview by Paul Begley, with Rabbi Glick, the man who won the bid to search for Gold there, by presenting such significant Biblical evidence of it’s presence in the region. Previous prospectors apparently deemed too small a cache to bother with.  Now if that is not a MAJOR prophetic development, I don’t know what is.  But wait, there’s more….

Remember the story I posted Saturday about the Rabbi who took a group of Jewish believers and went to the cave of Elijah to pray, and ended up having a vision wherein Elijah told him a war was coming to Southern Israel that would spread upward and thousands die?  Well, via Prophecy Update and, I discovered this post (Titled “Can I Have a Witness Here?”) today by A.V. Rauf, on his WordPress blog called Bible Prophecy For Today.  Here is an excerpt:

As the seven year period otherwise known as the Tribulation is looming in the near horizon, according to the Bible it is of a surety that as God ultimately re-directs His attention back to the Nation of Israel that the Jews will rebuild the temple at that time. It also is very probable that it may be the Two Witnesses who will begin the re-institution of the daily sacrifices and oblations.

Rauf goes on to describe the same article I shared Saturday, and then adds more commentary:

I want to go on record to state that I am leery of Biblical figures “appearing,” to people and talking to them. The only recorded event in which the spirit of a deceased person was brought back to speak to the living was when King Saul consulted the witch at Endor and the spirit of the prophet Samuel appeared and spoke to Saul:

As Rauf  points out, Elijah never died.  He was taken alive and is one of the two witnesses that will return to Earth during the Tribulation as a witness to Israel and the world.  It is a VERY exciting read, and Rauf provides several additional links at the end, for you to do more background reading!

If you are one of those holding out for a turnaround and hoping that God will call a “time-out” in this mad dash for both the end of the Age of Grace and the end of America, our pal Pete Garcia has a dose of reality for you in “Global Trends 2020“, and seriously guys, those guys at the Omega Letter are not armchair speculators. (Don’t let Pete’s beachy laid-back “Puka shells and sunshades” photo fool you!) These Omega Letter folks are extremely informed, highly intelligent and knowledgeable in many subjects, and serious, serious students of scripture and prophecy.  All of the highlighted links in red within this post are sites worth putting into your “favorites” for those days when I can’t keep up with everything and you need your updates before I get them up.

I have to admit that Wendy Wippel is kinda my hero as women of the faith go, and watchwomen on the wall, (along with Elizabeth Prata and Donna Wasson a.k.a DeeDubya, of course).  Wendy is a molecular biologist and has a background in medical writing and medical research (graduate and undergrad degrees from Ohio State), so that appeals to the nurse in me, and she’s just so darn smart!  She’s got a great sense of humor that comes through when she writes, and she’s a wife and mom and, oh in her spare time she writes devotionals and apologetics materials. Wendy is probably finished now with her PhD in Biblical Studies by now, though her Bio still says she is working on it.  With all that other stuff going on, she probably hasn’t had time to update it in a while, lol.  Anyway, I just had to give her a plug while I was on the Omega Letter topic.  Her current article is Ecclesiastical Emetics.  See, even the title is intriguing!  How many people do you know who can write intelligently on vomiting and the church?  Which does actually bring to mind a certain scripture, does it not? See what she did there?  I told you she is a clever, clever gal!  (Go Wendy!) (Ok, scientists and doctors, nurses, EMT’s all have in common that quirky ability to make light of bodily functions like a third-grader.  It comes in handy, trust me).

Ok, back to the serious stuff!

For those of you still wondering if the Catholic’s Papa Frank is the False Prophet, well….you’ll want to check out this post from Watchman’s View, so in answer to the burning question on everyone’s mind about whether September is going to be prophetically significant, I think that in at least one way, it certainly is.  That address the Pope will give on Climate Change is directly related to the global religion and Ecumenicalism.  You might want to do a little homework on a fellow by the name of John Schellnhuber before the Pope gives his speech in September. Long and short of this guy, he was especially chosen by the Pope for his part in the roll-out of the Climate Change agenda, and in his estimation about 6 billion of the inhabitants of this planet, simply must be eradicated. The encyclical that Schellenhuber helped the pope to craft, will be released on Thursday. September is just the official roll-out of Agenda 21.  Chilling stuff.  Hard to say which is more chilling, that or this.(We have been saying for six years that Obama is the last president America will ever have).