In the interest of abundant caution, I have taken down the post that linked to the Horn/Quale video about CERN and gates.

There are different opinions about the meaning of “sons of God/daughters of men” phrase in Genesis 6:2, which is pretty much the key verse for some of the Nephilum speculation, etc.  Now, I don’t doubt that the powers-that-be behind CERN are trying to tap into “mysteries of the universe” to circumvent God, and I don’t doubt that there is a great deal of “knowledge” behind some of our science, that may have been received from satanic/occult sources.  But if you listen enough to Horn, Quayle, Dizdar, Marzulli, you will hear frequent mention of the book of Enoch, the book of Jasher, Judith and other historical, pseudepigraphal, or apocryphal books that were rejected from the canon of true, inspired scripture.  These books were rejected for a reason.  There are doctrines in them that are at odds with scripture, such as prayers for the dead found in 2 Maccabees.  None of these books were allowed in the church in it’s first four centuries, they were never acknowledged as sacred by the Jews who were the keepers of the Hebrew scriptures.  The apocryphal books were all written in Greek, except one ( which is in Latin).  None of the apocryphal writers claimed their writings were inspired.

Therefore, a lot of what those guys get into can at most be considered speculation.  And though we all do it, I am not sure there is much to be gained by that.  More importantly, I worry about contributing to the confusion.  If we know what the Bible says about these approaching times, that is all we need to know.  Does it really matter whether or not a man-made machine may play a part in the unfolding scenario?  Babel was a man-made structure.  A feat of human ability meant to elevate men up to the heavens.  If there was more to that, like a specific gateway or portal that the tower of Babel was built to access, the specific location was likely revealed to men by means of contact with spirits God prohibited man to try and contact.  Just like He forbade Adam and Eve from the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  So even though we are naturally curious, it never pays off to try to circumvent the revelation provided by God’s inspired Word, looking for “more”.  I don’t watch and listen to enough of the materials put out by all of these men, to be able to say any one of them is any less or more ” way out there” than the other, but I did listen to a broadcast today in which I heard Quayle disdainfully disparage “organized religion” and even though he did not elaborate, or maybe because he didn’t, I really don’t know what to make of that. Religion is not what church is about, and the problem with a lot of churches is the very thing Quale is doing, that is looking to sources outside of the Bible itself, for answers.

It’s the same thing that drew Eve in.  This idea there was something God was holding out on us.  Were the Nephilum giants a mixture of human DNA and that of fallen angels?  God said, in heaven, we will be like the angels, neither marrying nor giving in marriage.  I concur that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t happen, it just says in heaven the angels don’t and we won’t marry.  Marriage is for procreation.  Now, some of those who believe the sons of God in the Genesis passage are demonic, believe these fallen demon spirits took on human bodies via possession, and therefore sort of circumvent the question of “angels inability to procreate”.  Correct me if I’m wrong, a person who is possessed, ostensibly, is possessed because some “spirit” needs a physical body to interact with the physical world.   A human body.  So even if there was intercourse, the actual, ahem, substance with which the demonic entity would cause impregnation, would also have to be physical and be contributed by (originate from) the physical body that spirit was “borrowing”.  I.E., it would still be tissue of a physical and more importantly, a human sort.  Human sperm, human egg, human offspring.

There is already too much “out there” right now that is mixing error with truth.  And even though I try and frequently remind people that just because I post something, it isn’t an endorsement of all the theories and beliefs, etc, that are put forth, I think that, going forward, I’m going to be a little more cautious when it comes to anything that is put out by these guys.  I am not questioning if they are Christians or not.  I am not even saying they aren’t onto something that is actually developing for purposes of an end-time deception that we do know (via scripture) is coming.  But it may be possible that they are  helping more with setting the stage for the deception itself than helping anyone avoid facing the very horrors that they speculate are coming.  Is there a trans-humanist agenda and plan, and “super-soldier” aspirations, and intent to someday be able to merge mind and computer, and attain immortality by transferring that “essence” of consciousness into indestructible bodies?  I think if you read real science and tech journals, you know those are real plans.  But we have to keep in mind that God is not going to allow these aspirations to succeed, just like He exiled Adam and Eve from the garden so that they couldn’t eat of the tree of life and live in a state of perpetual physical death and decay, which had been instigated by the curse of their disobedience.

The horrors of the tribulation do not pertain to the church.  God is not going to allow mankind to progress further than the Days of Noah and Days of Lot, unless He allows it to a degree inside the context of the Tribulation itself, as part of the punishment of man’s prideful aspirations.  One could say then that the works of guys like Quayle will at least help those people, and maybe they will, I don’t know.  And maybe some people will be motivated by fright, to seek out salvation now (And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Jude 1:23).  Although I can’t tell from what I have heard, whether all of these guys subscribe to the pre-trib or even pre-wrath rapture.

I guess that is why I am concerned.  If I had more time to spend, really getting to know these guys and their views, I might feel differently. If I knew everyone who lands on this blog is a mature Christian who has time and takes the time to really vet these things for themselves, I also might feel differently.  But I really don’t have time for that myself, as far as investigating everything about what motivates them.  I do trust you guys, to do your own homework and I think regular readers know that is the rule around here, but for the sake of the drop-ins, the unchurched, unsaved, uninformed, etc, I think the “better safe than sorry” adage applies..

Feel free to weigh in.  What are your thoughts on the more “controversial” watchmen out there?

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    I agree with Sandra 100%. I have questioned those who advocate that fallen angels “mated” with humans on several occasions, asking for solid Biblical evidence and none have been able to do so. The validity of the book of Enoch is highly questionable, therefore, nullifying it; especially since no Scripture can support it. It concerns me that so many “watchmen” are caught up in this. But like so many areas in today’s culture, the more sensational the headline and topic, the more attention (readers) it receives. Its like a Christianized version of The National Enquirer.


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