Pentagon Rewrites ‘Law Of War’- Declaring ‘Belligerent’ Journalists Legitimate Targets

No doubt that includes bloggers!

Jasper and Sardine

Michael Baird/Flickr

The Pentagon has released a book of instructions on the “law of war,” detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy

The manual also states that journalists can be labeled “unprivileged belligerents,” an obscure term that replaced “enemy combatant.”

The 1,176-page “Department of Defense Law of War Manual” explains that shooting, exploding, bombing, stabbing, or cutting the enemy are acceptable ways of getting the job done, but the use of poison or asphyxiating gases is not allowed.

Surprise attacks and killing retreating troops have also been given the green light.

But the lengthy manual doesn’t only talk about protocol for those on the frontline. It also has an extensive section on journalists – including the fact that they can be labeled terrorists.

“In general, journalists are civilians. However, journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents,” the manual states.

The term

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