It’s a Different America than it was a week ago. What now?

The news is full of the Greek bank closures and economic crisis, the impending crisis in Puerto Rico, and which nation will be next.  The Israeli headlines announce that the IDF is actively planning their attack on Iran now.

Monday morning Quarterbacks are still ruminating on whether Chief Justice Roberts was blackmailed. (I thought that was settled three years ago!).  I say, what difference does that make now? 

Look what else they snuck in during that Supreme Court Session that we aren’t hearing about on the news! Not only is it racist and discriminatory for anyone to have a nice house in a safe neighborhood while there are still poor people in ghettos, even though their housing and food is already currently provided for them by those same people who work hard enough to live in that nice safe neighborhood.  That is not enough.  We are now being told we must stop concentrating the subsidized and Section 8 housing in crime-infested neighborhoods.  We heard about this, but who had time to do anything to protest it, seeing as how we were focused on the death of the Constitution and the surrendering of U.S. sovereignty. Not only will this new legislation inspire legions of lawsuits, it is also going to prevent what few business folk there are left in America who are creating jobs, from choosing the prospective new hire with a clean background check, over the one with a criminal record. 

And did you know about this ruling?  Citizenship not a requirement for registering to vote.

The warnings about 4th of July Terror in the U.S. keep coming and getting more urgent.

Stock markets plummeted this week, stocks are way over-valued, and a global reset is inevitable.

GA, SC, TN, AL reported sightings of lighted objects in the sky last night.  The “official explanation” was space junk burning up on re-entry.  But there sure seems to be a lot of that kind of stuff happening lately!

So, what’s next?  Judgment on America?  Yeah, that’s kind of a given.  What else?  More of the same, is my guess.  More UFO sightings, more racial violence, more terror, more corruption, more lawlessness.

Stay calm and pray on.  We are in for a rocky ride.

Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. Matthew 2:2

3 thoughts on “It’s a Different America than it was a week ago. What now?

  1. Saw you at Bunkerville and wanted to say I love the name of your blog!
    Super video you have there….please look into my link….Rick Larson has been studying the skies above Bethlehem, etc., for years, and has come up with astonishing things not unlike your find. He’s the son of a very dear friend of mine and so I’ve seen the presentation and it’ll knock your socks off!
    Blessings! Z


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