Speaking of the Star of Bethlehem, you gotta check this out!

the Star of Bethlehem Project website


I want to say a great big “thank you” to Z, fellow WordPresser of Geeez blog for getting in touch via the “comments” and telling me about the website of Rick Larson ( who is the son of a close friend of Z’s).

The Star demonstration is a multimedia presentation by lawyer and law professor Rick Larson. In a presentation seen by many tens of thousands live on stage and many tens of millions on television, Larson leads you sleuthing through Biblical and many other historical clues. He then pilots a computer model of the universe across the skies of 2000 years ago as you watch. At these presentations, you will see the striking celestial events the ancients saw.

HIs website is bethlehemstar.net.  Mr. Larson has been studying this topic for years and has put together a book and presentation that will astound you with amazing facets of the Star of Bethlehem phenomenon and the absolute genius of God’s ways.  I highly recommend that you read through the presentation summary on his website. Start by clicking HERE, and then follow to each additional section of the presentation by clicking Mr. Larson’s convenient sequential links at the bottom of each page.  What a blessing!  I am even more excited now, about the “encore appearance” of the Star of Bethlehem.  I hope that Israel is paying attention, the signs are for them! Be sure to share and re-blog and pass on this great awe-inspiring resource!

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4 thoughts on “Speaking of the Star of Bethlehem, you gotta check this out!

  1. I was watching a rerun on the History Channel this past week with much of this same info on it, I wondered how many viewers were able to see it through spiritual eyes. So good to see Biblical related shows that aren’t “tampered with.”


  2. You know, it’s not often we meet truly generous bloggers and your mentioning ME like this this told me a lot about YOU. THANK YOU!
    I hope people see this video and their hearts are moved….
    God bless! Z


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