Christian Preachers are Brutally Beaten at Gay Pride Festival in Seattle [Video]


by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

How very Progressive and tolerant. These people are animals and savages. This is going to get very ugly I fear. I never would have dreamed that America would find herself in a culture war of this magnitude, but here we are. Whatever happened to free speech? To religious freedom? I guess the First Amendment is just passe now and only applies to favored minorities. Two street preachers in Seattle found out the hard way that if you dare to preach God’s word and hold a sign stating your beliefs, it gets you ambushed by packs of gay thugs – it gets you kicked, punched and beaten… all on video. And the crowd descended on them too. Now, to be fair, a few tried to break it up and then the police arrived. But this shows the mentality of the militant gay movement.



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