FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th

And isn’t it funny how the government keeps saying there is a high likelihood of an attack on the US on the 4th?

 Crisis Actors sought in Houston Craigslist Ad

The Citizen Media

Editors note:

Although this took place last year, it’s important to revisit this story after all the talk from the
politicians, former CIA Head, FBI, DHS all ramp up warnings for this 4th of July.

Terror Talk: Politicians, Former CIA Head, FBI, DHS All Ramp Up Warnings For July 4th

In a Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, our Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th.

“We are looking for crisis actors for a government emergency drill between July 4-6th. Actors will be responsible for portraying different emergency scenarios in a simulated government terror drill. No experience is needed. Confidentiality agreements are required. Pay is $200. Please message for details.” ~Houston Craigslist

This isn’t the first time that they have advertised on Craigslist for “crisis actors” though. It seems to be a major deal, paying decent money if you can catch it before the…

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