Update on Book Project for Jason Ladd’s “One of the Few”

You guys remember that I posted a review back in January of the soon-to-be-released book by Jason Ladd called One of the Few?

Jason is a Marine Fighter Pilot and instructor, husband, dad and Christian author.  His blog is Fighter Faith.

One of the Few is a book I personally guarantee that you will enjoy reading and will want to share with others.  In a time when American patriotism and Christianity are both under attack, I can tell you (as a pre-reader and member of the editing team) that Jason’s story will be an encouragement and blessing to you.  Right now the book is a mere 4 months from the release date set for November of this year, just in time for Christmas giving for

  • Young adults and teens
  • Military and former military
  • Anyone who has an interest in aviation
  • New Christians who are still learning how to explain their faith to others
  • Long-time Christians who are still learning how to explain their faith to others
  • Seekers who want to know what Christianity is about, and specifically in terms of what sets it apart from all the alternative “religious” options out there.
  • Anyone with an adventuresome spirit
  • Anyone who enjoys honest conversation on the deeper subjects of life

This not only is God-honoring book, but it is my conviction it is a book for just such a time as this.  I have no financial stake in this book, and my role has been merely as one Believer lending my veritable “widow’s mite” to the effort of another, but I know that little can become much when given to the Lord, and by pre-ordering, you also can invest in the Kingdom and help launch this exciting and needful book.  There are way too many “Christian” books out there that do not glorify the Lord.

This is one that truly does.