The Navy will prosecute Chattanooga hero and another corrupt federal judge places gag order on further video exposing Planned Parenthood for the heartless butchers that they are

Navy to Prosecute Chattanooga Hero

Court Blocks pro-life group from releasing new undercover videos

But of course we need to lift the band on transgendered service people in the military.  Oh, and isn’t it just an atrocity that a lion died in Africa last week, and another one this week.  It’s okay for Sharon Osborne to say the “poacher” should be shot and his carcass dragged behind a truck, but it’s not okay for a pro-lifer to expose the utterly satanic disregard of human life in it’s most vulnerable form, that is Planned Parenthood, no that is a “crime” worthy of the immediate intervention of a Federal judge in the form of a gag order.

Good is evil, evil is good.  God is angry at the wicked every day who are storing up wrath against themselves, and its just another day in this upside down world.  Come, Lord Jesus!