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Posted by Ben Croft Sep 10 A family is stranded on the roof of their home—one of the few photos of the disaster that has been leaked out of the country A Secret Disaster North Korea seeks to keep disastrous flooding from the rest of the world Dear Friends, I wanted to make you aware of an urgent situation inside North Korea that most major news agencies are not covering. Two weeks ago a monsoon struck the Northern portion of the Korean peninsula. The storm has caused horrific damage to the small cities and farming villages in the area. Initial reports indicate that at least 40 have died and 11,000 were displaced from mudslides, building collapses, and drownings. Click here to watch an undercover video that was shot and smuggled out showing some of the damage (North Korean officials do not want you to see this). Providentially, Heaven’s Family works with an undercover missionary in one of the worst hit areas. Our missionary partner was able to convey the severity of the situation from the Chinese border, alerting us to the emergency needs.

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