Boehner to resign from Congress

(Well cry me a river, Boehner is going to stop working in Congress, continue to get all the same pay and benefits, and now have time to write his memoirs and charge a couple hundred grand for appearances. So that’s why Boo-Hoo McWeepy got all teary-eyed when the Pope was speaking yesterday. He was thinking, “Hot-dang, it’s my last day in this place!” Don’t let those fancy doors hit you on the backside on your way out, John-boy–!!!-S.T. Lloyd)
An obviously harried John Boehner, R-Ohio, ignored questions from reporters as he walked a House hallway Friday, giving only the slightest of indications about his state of mind on his announced resignation from Congress and quipping: “It’s a wonderful day.” He made the short statement as […]

Source: Boehner to resign from Congress