Several Injured In Zombie-Like Attack At Tennessee WalMart As Man Tries To Eat Victims

Well, the zombies are getting restless, as it’s almost Halloween! I imagine we will see more of the same.

Jasper and Sardine

An unidentified man entered a Tennessee Walmart on Tuesday, armed with nothing more than his own teeth. Eyewitnesses say the man, who look like he had been living off the streets, entered the store looking as if he was in a “daze.” When confronted by a Walmart employee, the homeless man lunged at the victim sinking his teeth into the employees arm. As one of the customers attempted to save the employee, the crazed man bit the shopper in the neck.

 “There were three other men that i saw who ran in to try to save the victims, but then they became victims,” said Rachel Stephenson who is shopping in the store at the time of the incident. “Every time someone stepped in to help, he bit into them with his teeth. I only got a quick glance, but I swear it look like he had fangs. It was absolutely…

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