Eyewitness accounts Strange weather: Snow in Kuwait, for the first time in history.

Knowledge will increase: Tech Tattoos that can record medical and financial data

Dividing the Land: West Bank again near a tipping point.

Ted Cruz “Gives God the Glory” for his decisive sweep in Iowa.

Consolidation of power is paving the way for  the antichrist, and we see it in everything from banks to governments to calls for elimination of cash, to merging of religions,  speaking of which, on the advance of Islam in America, you should read Todd Starnes article about one family whose child’s high school has been directly indoctrinating and forcing kids to convert to Islam by memorizing the pillars and reciting the Shahada.

Glenn Beck is planning to move headquarters to Israel because of his convictions that these are the end of days.   Mormons believe in a second coming, but they do not believe in a rapture.  They also believe that their faithful will build a “New Jerusalem” in the U.S., and that they are the descendants of Israel, and that a prominent Mormon will save the United States from total destruction during the end times.  One has to wonder if Glenn Beck doesn’t think he is that prominent Mormon.  He is supporting Ted Cruz in the 2016 campaign.

Gog’s hook is being set, and America is probably at her most pivotal moment in history.  The Oregon standoff and murder of LaVoy Finicum was in my opinion, a defining moment.  Whether or not the entire thing was what many refer to as a psyop or provocateur operation, the willingness for Federal agents and State Police special forces to set a trap, then murder a man and endanger the lives of several others, over a protest, is not something any of us can afford to dismiss lightly.  The lawlessness of those in authority in this nation is beyond disturbing.  By all accounts (other than MSM), LaVoy Finicum was a patriot, an upstanding citizen, a peaceful man who was grieved at what is happening, in America, and the actions of the Feds against him, merely underscore the reasons why he was standing up to tyranny. I do not believe the claims that he was going for a gun in his jacket.  If you are feeling bullets hit you, your first reaction is to move your hands toward the injury to assess how bad it is.  Anyone who has ever practiced shooting for self defense purposes knows to aim for center mass.   With snipers in essentially a semicircle around him, he was being shot from several directions.  This was a display of control by the Feds and I imagine the orders to shoot came straight from Washington.  Eyewitness accounts are extremely troubling.

So, can the next election change any of this? I think it is not likely.  Personally, I think that considering the candidates, there is very little hope for the next president to stem the tide of destruction already under way.  I maintain that Trump is in this for his own reasons, and saying what people want to hear.  I don’t trust Rubio and despite appearances and Christian verbiage from Cruz, I expect his brand of “Christianity” to be the sort that contributes to the rise of the AntiChrist.  We’re just too far along the prophetic continuum in the rest of the world, for anything happening in America to stem the tide.

Despite panicking markets, world-wide World Health Organization “emergencies”, and the never-ending flow of doom,  Ido not believe that we are going to see total societal collapse however.  I believe that is something that will take place either at or even after the rapture.  I’ve stated my reasons for that perspective in the past, but there are several informative articles HERE for you to consider on various end times topics regarding how things may play out.

Keep trusting, keep Christ central, do not neglect the Word and encouraging fellowship with other believers, and keep hanging in there.  He’s coming.  And that midnight hour is getting closer with every tick of the clock.  Use this time to give the gospel to others, not fretting and trying to preserve your own Earthly life.  He who loves his life will lose it.  It is time to let go of this world if you haven’t already.  We who are born-again, blood-bought believers are leaving here soon.