America’s daughters to be required to register for the draft

From: Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin
Date: Feb 9, 2016 9:20:39 PM
Subject: Take Action: Don’t Draft Our Daughters

February 09, 2016                                                                                 

Dear Sandra,

In a recent GOP presidential debate, candidates were asked about whether or not “young women [should] be required to sign up for selective service in case of a national emergency.” Of the candidates who were asked, none seemed to have a problem with requiring America’s young women to register for the draft.

We haven’t had a draft in over 40 years, so it’s not difficult to see how some may not think this is an important issue. But this issue is extremely important — both to the readiness of our military forces and to the future fabric of our country.

For years, women have served in the U.S. military honorably and with distinction. That fact is indisputable. But these women have served on a voluntary basis — the choice to serve was theirs alone. Requiring women to register for the draft is to forcibly put our daughters in harm’s way against their will.

Everyone in the military knows that once in, you don’t get to choose where you will end up serving. As the current administration has made abundantly clear, the U.S. military is now operating as a testing ground for social change — at the expense of military readiness. As combat infantry and Special Forces specialties are opened to women, it only follows that if a draft should occur, conscripted women would inevitably be placed in units where the mission is to find and engage the enemy, including hand-to-hand combat.

Our daughters deserve better from the next president. No matter who you’re supporting, please stand with me in urging him or her to think twice about this issue and to pledge to keep our daughters free from required registration for the draft. Sign our petition, which we will deliver to the candidates (don’t worry, we will keep your address and personal information private).

Petition to U.S. Presidential Candidates

I, the undersigned, urge you to reject mandatory registration for selective military service for women. It is unconscionable that we would even contemplate forcing our daughters to be put in in harm’s way against their will. The women in our military have a long history of excellent service as volunteers. Should a draft occur, there is no need to conscript our women into service that would ultimately include infantry and Special Forces. The current national discussion on the issue places a liberal social agenda over and above military readiness and respect for the value of America’s young women. Don’t draft our daughters. I urge you to reject required selective service registration for all American women.

If you agree with the above petition, click here to sign.


Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin
Executive Vice President

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