The Number of His Name – The Omega Letter

The Number of His Name

Wendy Wippel By: Wendy Wippel

Andreas Sjostrom is vice president of the Swedish technology company Sogeti and according to his LinkedIn profile, a “trendwatcher, with a focus on digital transformation and its impact on customer experience”. Last week, however, he stopped watching trends and set one. And its impact? For future humanity, apparently, a matter of life or death.

Andreas, you see, a techno-geek since childhood and, familiar with microchips now commonly implanted in pets to monitor their location, decided to himself play guinea pig in a test-run of the use of microchips in humans.  So he got himself a microchip kit online and enlisted Scandinavian Airlines as a research partner, who agreed to  encrypt his frequent flyer number on the microchip, called a near field communication chip (NFC).

The chip being roughly the size of a grain of rice.

Then he found a nurse that would agree to inject the chip into his hand.

Now on to Paris. .

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