Why I think there truly may be no 2016 election

For one thing, Obama is bound and determined to pick a fight with China and North Korea. The “Pivot to Asia” has never made any sense  other than as a ploy to create a crisis where there was none before.  In the midst of a war is no time to “change horses”.  Not only that, but it is established fact that wars are handy ways of pulling a nation out of economic slumps.  With the economy teetering, war is on the table of heads of state all over the globe right now.  Even the BLM brouhaha and all of the government land grabs that have taken place under Obama, are part of this.  These are bargaining chips.  The PTB sell those vast swatches of open land in the middle of the nation, Oklahoma and other places that have mile upon mile of uninhabited land far as the eye can see, to China, to powerful members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and anyone else they might want favors from.  You can begin to see how Obama could potentially use a war as a good “excuse” to stay in office if he has not finished accomplishing all he wishes to accomplish before heading on up to the U.N. to finish the job.  The players on the left are doing their part by running a corrupt “progressive” career criminal chameleon against a straight-up Socialist and the ignorant indoctrinated masses of academia and organized labor are eating out of his hands.

Trump is the court jester keeping the “hell yeah” non-thinkers entertained, while Cruz is the poser keeping the non-discerning “evangelicals” and Catholics and Mormons hanging on.

Secondly, this “election” cycle is unlike any that has ever taken place in America thus far.  The “chatter” you are starting to hear, regarding the potential for “a brokered convention”, is something all concerned and voting citizens need to understand.

Think back to 2012.  Do you remember the brouhaha that erupted during the RNC Convention in Tampa?  A sudden “rules change” and the debate on whether the “ayes” or the “nays” won the vote?  Plenty of video was online that documented the fact.  Delegates who came there to represent their states and cast their votes, were literally blocked from entering the convention center where this unlawful change of rules was playing out, and those who were there and voted against it, were blatantly ignored..  I am hard of hearing and it was still pretty obvious to me that the nay’s carried the vote.  Pay attention at 1:07 mark where Boehner steps up.

What we witnessed in2012 was a Coup d’état of the RNC.

Romney was the Establishment Republican “chosen son” that year, and as such, he took advantage of, and exceeded, a privilege that was at his disposal:

The Romney campaign used the power of the incoming presidential nominee in the national convention’s Rules Committee to impose a great many rules changes, including a change that had the intended effect of eliminating the counting of votes for anyone but Romney.  (Source)

There have been numerous documentations of rigged voting machines, conveniently lost “ballots”, disallowed votes of military vets, misuse of absentee ballots, voter fraud and outright intimidation, yet the pretense persists that we actually participate in “free elections” in America. (2 and 1/2 minute video).

Not only are these machines easily rigged with programs that are undetectable by any other means but by manual tally of the votes by checking the printed “receipt” of the machines, but there are other vulnerabilities where votes can tally incorrectly due to a careless and unintentional failure to calibrate the machine, and of course there are going to be times when the paper/printer malfunction and a “paper record” is not even created to begin with. Guess we could always go back to hanging chads.

In 2012, delegates from Virginia were among the many who were “disenfranchised” when they were simply prohibited from voting, under these convenient new rules passed literally five minutes before voting would have taken place.

Additional articles on this RNC rule change of August 2012 are below if you want to get up to speed or need a refresher.   This was all over the national and mainstream news by the way,  so if you don’t know about it, shame on you!!

The Coming Train Wreck  This article lays out the effects of this rule and how it would play out in the event of a “brokered convention”.

Avoiding Big Trouble At the Cleveland Convention: This article details efforts of one member of the DNC’s Rules Committee to address this issue, and shows that measures meant to fix the issue still have not done so, therefore the same power of the “Establishment” to hijack the outcome of the Nomination, remains in force.  This is, in my humble opinion, probably why Mitt Romney is suddenly in the limelight again!

Republican Convention Rules Changes: How the Establishment Stole the GOP  I think that title speaks for itself.

And this one brings it on home to the 2016 convention:

With 1,237 Delegates Up For Grabs, A “Brokered Convention” Would Be A Huge Mess

(And I think that is an understatement!)