Massive Plan For Trump To DROP OUT, Run As Independent! LEAKED

So, yeah, third party candidate always makes it that much easier for the powers that be to make it look like their chosen one is the one “the people” elected. In this case, though, the jury is still out on whether we get to an election at all. If there is one, I speculate it will be so violently and long-contested and the chaos will get so intense, that in effect, Obama stays in office, and eventually appoints Hillary to the Presidency when he heads up to the U.N. You seriously put that past a guy like Obama who has completely ignored every other limit placed upon his powers? Please!-S..T. Lloyd

When it comes to powerful conservative, populist voices before there was Donald Trump, there was Pat Buchanan. A staunch defender of America’s interests and of the unborn, Buchanan’s presidential campaigns […]

Source: Massive Plan For Trump To DROP OUT, Run As Independent! LEAKED