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The Rapture’s in the Air: Part 2
Prophecy – Signs
Monday, March 28, 2016
Pete Garcia

It is only natural for those who are watching the deteriorating conditions in the world today, too want to abandon the idea of the “blessed hope” in favor of ‘prepping’ for The Tribulation.   History has, after all, shown us that fortune favors the prepared.  But just as it is with our eternal salvation, our deliverance from this coming time isn’t dependent upon our efforts but on what Christ has already done.  After all, isn’t that what distinguishes Christianity from every other faith-system?  In other words, the ‘blessed hope’ goes against man-centered logic and puts the onus of salvation completely in God’s hands.

Consider the two examples Christ gave us with Noah and Lot.  What manner of prepping (aside from what God told them to do specifically) could Noah and Lot have done to ‘weather the storm’?  What bunker or high place could have saved Noah from the flood waters which covered the earth?  What fortifications could Lot have done to make his house ‘judgment-proof’?  In either case, their deliverance wasn’t dependent upon themselves to find a way through it, but as they were instructed by God.

NOWHERE in the NT epistles does the Church find instruction to prepare for the 70th Week of Daniel.

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