Top ISIS Leaders Flee To America Under Secret CIA Project

Wow. He is importing the army of Isis here at the expense of the taxpayers to destroy our country. The inmates are officially in charge of the asylum now!

Jasper and Sardine

Top ISIS commanders arrive in America under secretive CIA programA Kremlin report released this week has revealed that the Obama administration have allowed at least 13 top ISIS commanders to enter the United States posing as immigrants in order to prevent Russian troops from capturing them.

Russia have accused the U.S. of protecting their “assets” in a move that has been likened to Operation Paperclip during World War 2 – in which over 1,500 Nazi war criminals were allowed to secretly enter the United States. reports:

According to this report, in the waning days of World War II, and immediately thereafter, the US instituted Operation Paperclip to remove from Nazi Germany all top scientists, engineers and technicians who had first hand knowledge of the American corporations that not only supported this genocidal regime, but profited from it too.

Also similar to World War II, this report continues, the Obama regimes protection of these Islamic State commanders comes on the heels…

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