Sleight of Hand: The Arch of Triumph Rises in London in Place of the Arch of the Temple of Baal

Yep! It’s the same song, different verse!

By the Blood of the Lamb

It was reported last week that there was a victory over the plans to display a replica of the Arch of Baal in London and New York City on April 19th. News sources reported that the plans were changed. The Arch of Baal was no longer going to be recreated, but rather the Arch of Triumph, and that it would only be displayed in London and not in NYC. Many Christians in America cheered this as a partial victory, but I’ve had my own reservations.

The Arch of Triumph was unveiled today in London only, just as reports had prevously stated would happen. Here is one of many sources reporting on it: Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph rises again in London’s Trafalgar Square after being destroyed by Isil

In reading that article and a few others I found, it appears that the UN’s World Heritage Foundation still plans to move the…

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