School Sends Deputy To Warn 7 Year Old About Bible Verses

Jasper and Sardine


Officials at a California public grade school who dispatched a sheriff’s deputy to stop a 7-year-old from sharing Bible verses with his classmates because someone could be “offended” now are being warned of “civil rights violations.”

The student regularly shared notes from his mother containing Bible verses that were tucked into his lunch at Desert Rose Elementary School in the Palmdale, California, School District, which declined to respond to a WND request for comment.

A media spokesman for the sheriff’s office told WND he knew nothing about the deputy visiting the 7-year-old’s home at the request of school officials and declined to comment.

But Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit litigation, education and policy group emphasizing religious liberties, has sent a letter to the school regarding its “unconstitutional suppression and censorship of student religious speech.”

The organization said it demanded that Desert Rose “correct an outrageous violation of a first grader’s constitutional…

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