Oh Lord, How Long? My Commentary and Mid-Week Prophecy Updates

Sometimes I sit down to make my way through the news I sift daily, and what I see makes me sick to my stomach.  I know that I feel torn between a need to drive home just how reprobate are the developments in our world and in America particularly, and a loathing of the notion of re-posting here the filth that seems to be consuming most people now.

I read from Mass Resistance, about the so-called “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs on HIGH SCHOOL and MIDDLE SCHOOL campuses, each sponsored by some adult reprobate, and the all-out campaign to literally recruit our children. And it makes me sick.  I read about or view videos of misguided Christians trying to expose the evil and maybe trying to appeal to consciences, but without understanding that those consciences are already seared and their own accusations and recriminations hold no power to access hearts, and the gospel is not even shared.  The Holy Spirit is the Only One who can get through and that still depends on how hardened a person is.

Stories of public nakedness, apparent demonic possession, even stories of use of very public places as “bathroom facilities” such as the intoxicated man who did so at a grocery store in the self-check out lane.  This stuff is a sign that God is more and more turning people over to their own depravity.  I already know the sin that my flesh is capable of.  I understand God is going to show everyone this sooner or later, the vile and reprobate propensities of the flesh, and it makes me all the more thankful to know He is going to take us out of here, but it’s to a point that I am really dreading just how bad it will be before then.

The Marxist agenda to get to kids and indoctrinate them, has succeeded in America.  I have cried and prayed on my face before the Lord for this nation, but I stopped doing that a few years back.  I believe praying for the nation now at this juncture is wrong-headed.  It is souls we need to pray for.  Children have become pawns and God is not going to deal lightly with us for this.  One story about a “sex ed teacher” named Starry Hedges, took a group of middle school kids on a field trip to a store specializing in sex toys.  What does a parent expect in a school called the Gaia Democratic school? Homosexuality and perversion that is aimed at children is bad enough, but there is something in the hard-core lesbian feminism that far surpasses the level of evil when women, who are supposed to be nurturers, are the very ones abusing and harming children. Even their women have traded their natural use and burn with lust one for another.  When the lust toward the opposite sex is not sin enough for reprobate appetites, the “civilization” descends a step lower into homosexuality.  When homosexuality is not sin enough for them, they turn to the children.  When that is not sinful enough, it’s on to animals.

There is a video that I have seen that is titled SHOCKING END TIMES – DEMONS OF SEXUAL PERVERSION and it is on the Truth Shock TV YouTube channel.  At what point does the reposting of videos like this in the name of making sure people are informed, constitute becoming an accessory and enabler to the exact desensitization that Satan and the antichrist agenda intends? And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them  “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.”    Eph. 5:11-12.  To reprove means to censure, to confront and reprehend.

And now that Hillary-It-Takes-A-Village Clinton is the presumptive Dem nominee, does anyone actually think things will get better instead of worse?

I am thankful for the updates that help us cope!