Update: Street Preacher gets head cracked with baseball bat


The video in previous post about Dean Saxton doesn’t tell the whole story.  Nothing excuses the violent attack on Saxton, but I’m not sure his methods square up with WWJD either!

For one thing, in another video of a newscast on the incident,  Phoenix ABC 15  reporter Nohelani Graf reveals that part of Dean’s “presentation” included a cardboard sign reading “you deserve to be raped”.

Street preacher head bashing Phoenix

Screenshot YouTube


Here is another report of the incident that shows more of what Dean said in his preaching session that day:

I don’t know, you guys, if I am too much a product of political correctness, but it bothers me to hear derogatory statements instead of the gospel.  I wasn’t there and didn’t hear the whole thing. I have seen other more hard-core videos of street preachers literally confronting people on the streets as they pick up prostitutes and what have you.  That is bold and really going where the sinners are! What do you think the current state of America requires of Christians in regards to getting the gospel out?  I know of a pastor right here in a prison less than 2 miles from my home, who is in there because he helped a lesbian who was saved and came out of the gay lifestyle and was fighting with court authorities and a liberal lawyer hired by her ex-lover, to take custody away from her of “their daughter”.  The mother is now in another country, with her daughter (whom she carried, and who has no genetic ties to the former partner).