Amarillo Somali refugee taken down by police in hostage situation

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I was out this afternoon and heard news on the radio that a man had taken hostages in an Amarillo, TX Walmart and knew right away another Muslim was involved.  The radio news I heard never mentioned the man’s identity so as soon as I came in, sure enough here is ‘100 percent fed up,on twitter***with the news.  He is Somali, one of probably a thousand the US State Department has planted there so BIG MEAT would have a ready supply of cheap labor.

AMARILLOREFUGEES_opt (1) Amarillo is suffering from Somali overload. Everyone of you considering ‘welcoming’ refugees to your towns had better pay attention to Amarillo!

For new readers, we have a huge archive on Amarillo, TX (a pocket of resistance where the mayor has tried for years to slow the flow). I’ll tell you more about Amarillo tomorrow when I have more energy. I’ll check the…

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