Story About Guy Arrested with Gun at Trump Rally Makes No Sense

Yeah, that is totally weird!

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Published on Jun 21, 2016

What little you can find of this buried news story makes no sense, and the alt media version via some rally attendees is pretty horrifying… Did a false flag get averted here? Just who is this suspicious guy and what really happened when they found him in the parking garage across from the Trump rally on Friday?


You think that 2016 there will be elections?
In a nut shell. Government sanctioned assassination attempt bungled because the guy was spotted by parking attendant security.
Borpheus Maximus
He was an operative.
Eddie Meltzer
I really dont think Obama is going to leave office just like that… And with all these obvious/in-ur-face psy-ops that have been going on for most of the last 8 yrs,it looks to me that they r doing everything they…

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