4 thoughts on “MUST HEAR: Steve Quayle -The Takedown of America – YouTube  Pulse shooting and upcoming ecumenical Pulse Event in DC

  1. Yep. It is all coming together and nothing is slowing it down. Some of the stuff we see doesn’t make sense until the next thing. On totally different vein, the transgender agenda that is being pushed so hard, Baphomet is “transgender” and that is the same principle of thesis/antithesis, a merging of incompatible or opposing things, into one new “third way”.


    • Yep, so do I. But there is a lot in this one that I suspect is quite true. I don’t share his eschatology, but his observations and conclusions about the things happening behind the scenes in our government, and other world governments, I think have legitimate merit.

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      • Definitely. And like you said, I don’t agree that the antichrist is Muslim. It is a tool used by Babylon. I firmly believe it is the thesis rubbing against antithesis to produce a synthesis which is the NWO. That is likely what is behind this election too, BLM, Orlando and everything else.


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