Paul Ryan Reveals Republican Alternative To Obamacare


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US House Speaker Paul Ryan revealed the Republican Party’s highly anticipated alternative to the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, on Tuesday.

Republican lawmakers have been crying out “repeal” since the behemoth legislation was pushed through Congress in 2010. It’s true many Americans have seen their healthcare costs skyrocket, and President Barack Obama was less than honest when he said patients who like their doctor and their existing plan would be able to keep it. Obamacare should be replaced with a slimmer, market-based alternative, and Ryan’s solution delivers on these characteristics. However, the 37-page synopsis lacks critical details regarding implementation. Republicans should refine the nuts and bolts of the plan before rushing through legislation as the Democrats did five years ago.

Paul Ryan Plan Scraps Parts Of Obamacare, Keeps Others

Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposal, titled “A Better Way”, offers a more conservative alternative to the Affordable Care…

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