Heading for the Exits | John Haller’s Update

My comment:  Haller says at around 54:53

“Hey look, I don’t know that this (Brexit) is Prophetically significant”

What?  Is he serious?  The EU is fixing to disintegrate (feet of iron mixed with miry clay) and the next development in the timeline of Daniel is the ten toes.  The iron and clay “empire” was foretold to be short-lived, and the ten-toes phase will be even shorter.  So for the record, I disagree with that statement.  Haller does a good job of being on top of the significant things taking place, but he doesn’t generally offer any scriptural back-up to his conclusions. That doesn’t help people who are trying to learn. Also, I think he might have just a tiny little crush on Caroline Glick. 😉 -S.T. Lloyd

Watch to the end for a real blessing!


YouTube blurb that accompanies this video:

In a historic vote, Britain voted to leave the EU. That single effort by the English people has set off a tidal wave of events that has sent ripples through world markets and spurred similar efforts in many nation states throughout the European Union. The British, in essence, have decided to “Exit Stage Left.”

In the meantime, scientists have announced that they are now able to “improve” on the DNA sequence through replacement of defective strands of the very essence of life itself. Is this the new Tower of Babel? John thinks so, and once you understand the implications of what is being proposed, you will likely agree.

While our government is in the business of redacting everything Islamic, it is also plotting to divide Israel behind the scenes. The consequences of tempting the Creator God are almost incomprehensible.

The show is almost over…the game is in the top of the ninth…the two minute warning has sounded…the credits are rolling…

God is patient, but it is almost time for us to be “Heading to the Exits”. We know the end result…what we do not know is when God is going to make His special guest appearance on the stage.

Here is the video without John Haller speaking over it: