Snopes CEO was arrested on fraud and corruption charges last year!

People will continue to rely on Snopes for “the truth”. I’ve been telling people about this bias for years. It needs to be broadcast far and wide.

Cry and Howl

Good morning folks. First of all Cry and Howl is now available to the public (for what that’s worth).

Okay,  how many of us have gone to to fact check something? I have a couple of times, mainly out of curiosity. It took only once to raise my suspicions about left-leaning bias. After a couple of times there was no denying (in my mind) that the folks running the joint were covering for Obama and other far-left entities. The exceedingly long explanations on scandals and allegations of corruption within the Obama administration and corrupt people such as team Clinton (Bill & Hillary), finally arriving at “false” or “mostly false” are the hall-marks of the phony rag.

And now, the evidence of the fact that has been ‘debunked’ as an upstanding, non-biased source for the facts.  Actually this story is older than I originally thought …


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