“Rapture Ready, or Not” | Terry James- a book review.

Terry James Rapture Ready or Not

Foreword by Jim Fletcher
Introduction by Todd Strandberg
1. The End Isnt Near . . . Its Here!
2. UFO Sightings and Other Strange Stuff
3. Planet Earth Needs a Shrink
4. Big Brother for a Not-So-Brave New World
5. Vampires, Zombies, Transhumans, and Other Fiends
6. The Ravenous Bear and Other Prophesied Wild Beasts
7. Recall of Historys Most Deadly Product
8. Wanna See Some Nasty End-time Pictures?
9. Yes, Theyre the Great Pretenders
10. The Humpty-Dumpty Dumbing Down for a Great Fall
11. The Roman Empire Strikes Back
12. Who Is That Masked Man on a White Horse?
13. A Really Strong Cocktail Called Israel
14. Armageddon Lineup for the Super Bowl of War
15. The Greatest Comeback of All Time!
Conclusion: On Being Rapture Ready


“Rapture Ready, or Not” Connects the dots in real-time for students and watchmen of Bible Prophecy

This up-to-the-minute volume written in that so-readable style that Terry James is known for, is one you definitely want to add to your library of prophecy-related resources.

I have always appreciated the down-to-earth way in which Mr. James brings the lofty subject of God’s prophetic plans for His creation, into the layman’s realm for those of us who long for the Blessed Hope, but whom have not had the benefit of pastors or teachers proficient in prophecy, to guide us in our pursuit of comprehension in these matters.

Terry James’ ministry with Todd Strandberg has served for many years as a hub for bringing the far-flung few into contact with one another, so that we can learn from and encourage each other. There may not be as many of us out here as our Savior deserves, who desire to look into these things and have that genuine love for His appearing, but I personally thank God for the shrinking handful of remaining real men (and women) of God who have diligently studied this crucial and significant aspect of Holy Scripture.

The book is 320 pages in which Mr. James carefully, concisely lays out fifteen reasons why he is convinced that this present generation is the one which will see the “catching away” of the Bride and rise of the Antichrist. From UFO’s to pandemic madness, Armageddon to Zombies, the resurrection of the Old Roman Empire to the ruination of America, he has brought it all to the table and connected the dots for us in this latest dissertation.

As someone with only seven years into the pursuit of understanding and discernment of all things Bible Prophecy, and who appreciates a concise summary, this book is a great help in the efforts of this reader, to assimilate it all.

If you struggle with piecing together the “big picture” from the daily onslaught of world news, you will appreciate the way that Mr. James lays out current (and historical) events side by side with their corresponding prophecy. The real-time relevance of this book is rather astounding, and it boggles the mind of this reader to know that any one individual can absorb and digest as much information as Mr. James obviously does,about so many diverse issues of government, policy, history, foreign affairs, global defense developments, world economy, and the state of Christendom, to have compiled it so succinctly.

It is an easy read, but most definitely not a lazy one! Well worth the investment!

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