I’m only sharing this because I found it oddly humorous 

I find it not funny, but extremely disturbing. The fear on the reporter’s face on the left is very real, and I have to wonder what it was in that reporter that the demonic entity was reacting to. Whatever sound has been added to this video also is very bizarre in that it sounds a lot like EVP recordings taken from houses that are known to be inhabited by some kind of spirits, as in supernatural phenomenon. This is a demonic manifestation like the Kundalini spirit. If you listen to it on various speeds you can hear a male voice speaking in the second half. Starting at about 0:42 seconds, and playing it the normal speed (although the sound is obviously distorted in the video) you can hear an echoing male voice say something that sounds like: Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness some scenes from the books of the acts and the ways of the deities. This picture, truly one of the most unusual ones in the realm, contains scenes which under no circumstances should be viewed by anyone with a heart condition or anyone who is easily obsessed. So either someone added this sound to make this even creepier, or there is a “masked” message there. Either way, messes with the mind! Listening to the sound that apparently was recorded with the original video (on another youtube channel) the only sound is the chatter of several reporters asking their questions all at once in the original track at normal speed. I don’t know anything about what can be done to audio but the original sounds seem to be in there, while that voice is dubbed over top, but whatever the case, it has a very dreamlike quality in the sense that kind of effect is often produced in movies to give the impression of a dream.

A Mom Looking Up

Judge for yourselves 😉

Ms. Clinton no doubt needs our prayers, regardless.

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