2 thoughts on “666 POKEMON GO Linked to CERN : Birth of the Augmented Reality MATRIX – YouTube

  1. Very disturbing, especially in the light of the the report of the woman who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by an unseen character from the ‘game’ while sleeping in bed with her husband sleeping alongside her. Oh, my. Truly, what spiritual doors/gates have been opened unknowingly by game players?

    • Yeah, I read about that and didn’t post the article of the alleged assault by a Pokémon character, simply because I am hoping it was a hoax. That the police didn’t believe it is understandable, but that the husband said she needed to seek psychological evaluation seems to indicate maybe there’s more to it. I’m waiting for the next such report, though, because truly the demonic will saturate this world before it is all over. It is getting far beyond disturbing. I am concerned for people who already battle with mental illness, how this incursion of entities that seems to be taking place, are going to torment them. There are already a lot of reports of mass possessions coming from various parts of the world. The whole continuum of “supernatural/alien phenomena seems to be building toward some breaking-forth point and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised for there to be some governmental official “reveal” in the next year or so (part of the coming great delusion). Delusion doesn’t mean something is not real, it just means the people will not know what it really is. That is already the case. People don’t believe that CERN and things like Charlie Charlie game are calling up something from beyond the veil. But the bad thing is, those who invented these things, do know what they are calling up. They are tricking others into participating, in the name of science, or of games, or of “just-for-fun”, that open these gates. Even in Old Testament times, the “idols” were not what the people worshipped. Various images, totems, fetishes and carvings served as literal vessels which brought the little-g gods to the ones invoking them. They would make appeals to, and deals with these powerful entities. Same thing happens today with the mega-stars seeking fame and fortune. Kids who have no mom, dad, grandparent, or anyone else in their lives that are praying for them, don’t stand a chance! And even the ones who do have someone praying for and teaching them about this stuff, are so inundated with it and pressured about it, that they still can find themselves drawn in.

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