Germany Issue’s Doomsday Prep Plan Ahead Of ISIS Takeover, How Did This Happen?

It’s what the globalists want! Collapse what already exists, to pave the way for global government! Merkel, Obama, Hillary, are globalists.

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Merkel After Receiving Threats Of ISIS Hit List

Merkel After Receiving Threats Of ISIS Hit List

Source: Martin Walsh

Many have continued to plead with world leaders that taking in refugees is not a good idea for many reasons. Europe, particularly Germany, allowed millions into their country without vetting or documenting them, and they have completely lost control of their own country.

During the Cold War, the German government ordered that citizens stockpiled food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe. Today, they have issued the same order. That’s right, Germany has issued a government order demanding that its citizens stockpile food and water in case of a catastrophe. 

How bizarre is that? Germany is under a Muslim invasion and now they are preparing for dooms day. I thought Islam was a region of peace? Many have warned people like Obama and Hillary Clinton of the repercussions of allowing refugees into the US, but they shrug…

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