Principalities and Globalism

Terry James Prophecy Line

The G-20 meets occasionally to try to reach some degree of consensus on how to globally govern the rest of us. The phrase “some degree,” in combination with the word “consensus,” in my view, constitutes what is known as a non sequitur, or nonstarter. The sentiment, thus expressed, does not follow. Consensus is just that–consensus; i.e., it strongly implies harmony without substantial opinion to the contrary.

In international community diplomatic parlance, however, “some degree” is as close to consensus as it gets. And, this quandary is at the heart of the distress and perplexity world leaders face in trying to govern the rest of us in a global way. Globalism–as it has always been attempted–has been an abject failure. The contentiousness is just too great when efforts are made to get the nations of the world to agree on anything, much less on things as monumental as creating a one-world…

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