Aaaand We’re Back in Business!!! YESSSS!

Thank you Comcast!

Sorry you guys, for the spotty and sketchy posts of late.  For any who didn’t know, had a wee little issue with Verizon (that almost gave me an aneurysm, but lets not revisit that, forgetting what is past, we press on….)

Okay, to Linda: I am still not sure the admission of the “hoax” restores credibility, especially since the “Vet” (Dr. Berry in the first video) looks sooooo much like Jonathan Kleck, but maybe it’s just me, lol.  Why did Marzulli not trace the path back to the person from whom the Mexican fellow claimed to have gotten it, etc?  Even as an RN, I have a hard time believing all those Veterinarians didn’t notice the anomalies on x-rays, such as match sticks and glue.   Vets study way more species than M.D.’s do!  And fake creatures meant as jokes and hoaxes have been around as long as the practice of taxidermy.

For the rest of yous guys here is the video I am referring to, sent to me by Linda

And here is the other video that has now replaced the one above on Marzulli’s blog since yesterday. (The old link shows he deleted the post that contained the first video sent by Linda)It is much “smoother” than his “trying too hard” video above, and brings in a little humor with the Walt Disney Tinkerbell fairy at the beginning.

For those who contacted me to make sure I had your e-mail when I got locked out of Verizon, I was able to see some of them, only because I had at one time configured Outlook Express to handle my e-mails and there were copies still on there, but by the time I saw them, I couldn’t respond to them, as they still originate on Verizon’s server.

I have now updated the e-mail that is associated with the blog, and you can go on the Contact S.T. Lloyd tab to get it.  For those who already have it, the e-mail address is actually still the same, but just erase the part after the @ and replace that with

Chuck.  Did you get that?

Okay, so now all you who have my new address need to do, is shoot me an e-mail so I can add your contact info to my Comcast account list.  You too Mom!

I know, in this day and age, most people can just sync from the old account.  Verizon is so stingy they don’t even allow that, apparently.  No wonder they are losing business!  So rebuilding my contact list and more dauntingly, my subscription list, not to mention doctors and other important communications, it may take me a while.  I am actually hoping that I can still access my Verizon some way that I don’t yet know about.  That would sure save me a lot of trouble, even if I have to enter everything by hand.

We didn’t have television either during that time, so it has been a total break from all of the chaos for a while.

4 thoughts on “Aaaand We’re Back in Business!!! YESSSS!

  1. BTW…some caution on L.A.M.’s other venture — The ancient elongated Peruvian skull DNA —

    The claim (after proper lab testing) is that DNA results show some evidence of ancient European/Mid-Eastern heritage. On its own, very compelling if that holds true! But where did the museum get these skulls? Was the research team given documented proof these skulls came out of an archaeological dig in Peru? And if so, was anyone on the research team qualified to verify the documentation of such a dig? If that whole aspect was left out, an argument could be made that the museum skulls may simply have been brought over from Europe or the Middle-East by a collector, and donated or sold to the museum. Let’s hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case after all the good intentions, hard work, expense, and fanfare.

    And finally, if it turns out, this time, that solid evidence emerges (- both on the DNA, AND documented proof the skulls were unearthed from a Peru dig), will God get ALL the glory? Let’s hope so!

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