Stranger than Stranger Things-Review of Realities in Netflix Series

I am intrigued by Gonz’s thoughts and commentary on these sorts of things, being he is a kid who came up in the height of public interest in these topics, but I am glad that he keeps the disclaimers going, about not approaching or delving into these kinds of things without keeping grounded in the Word and prayer.  Some people are more susceptible to these things than others. I agree that there is probably a latent vestige of some  supernatural abilities humans had before the fall.  If you are at all uncomfortable with things like this when I post them, DO NOT WATCH THEM!

4 thoughts on “Stranger than Stranger Things-Review of Realities in Netflix Series

  1. I am pulled more and more back to the Word in these days……and further from what is offered as entertainment–even on TV programs that I used to enjoy watching. What seemed as “innocent” a couple of years ago–in fact, I actually looked forward to spending time with some of those characters for a relaxing evening–are now adding elements of homosexuality, satanic interaction…and on and on. These all make me reach out to my Lord for protection and peace in the progressively evil time we live in..

  2. I actually watched the series. It is full of esoteric symbolism, particularly “what is up, is down” and opened portaIs. It was very good though; one of those shows you have to watch the next episode immediately to see what happens.

    • LOL, you young-un’s and your sci-fi. Actually my husband loves that kind of show too. And my boys. I don’t like to watch anything for “entertainment” that makes me have to think too much. Same with books that create a whole other world. If there is a map of a fictional place on the front inside cover, I won’t read it. LOL. I work too hard in my other reading and viewing so I want my “leisure” reading or viewing to be easy and fun.

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