Russia moves massive forces towards Syria! Gog is coming! – YouTube

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Read more on this development in the article below.

Major Russian naval deployment to intensify Aleppo assault: NATO diplomat

2 thoughts on “Russia moves massive forces towards Syria! Gog is coming! – YouTube

  1. You should also notice that Turkey (Togarmah) and Iran (Persia) are currently engaged in a proxy-war in Iraq, where Turkey is supporting certain rebel groups, and has invaded to work alongside of them, while Iran is actively supporting Assad.

    These nations are far from the point where they could cooperate in an attack on Israel.

  2. Well, he is partly correct; Russia is a part of the Gog/Magog war, but Russia is Meshech and Tubal, not Magog. Magog is the father of the nations that surround Russia, like Georgia, Ukraine, Czech and Slovakia, Hungary and Finland, etc.

    Gomer is the father of the Turks, the Germanic nations including Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Scandinavia, and England! England is being intimidated at the moment, they are not about to join the Russian attack.

    Not only this, but if Russia were to attack Israel today the Palestinians, Saudis, and the other Arabs would join them. These nations are not in view in the Ezekiel account, but actually protest the war in the form of Sheba, Dedan, and Tarshish.

    No, before the Gog/Magog attack we will see the Psalm 83 war, where the Arabs attack Israel without Iran, Russia, Turkey and northern Europe. After they are defeated there will be a time of peace, and prosperity for both Israel and the Arabs, and then the Gog/Magog will occur as a surprise attack. Sending ten ships to the area does away with any kind of surprise.

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