They’re all suddenly so nice to Donald Trump. Here’s why!

First off, I had to wonder what-all the mainstream media is avoiding covering, while all they are talking about is what Donald Trump is up to.  I recognize that his complete non-military nonpolitical background make him a novelty, but I have never known the media to focus so much attention on a president-elect three months before he even takes office.  Is it more of the same, “watch what I am doing with my left hand so you won’t notice the thing I’m doing with my right hand?” Well, maybe. I think it is possible though, that they truly are mesmerized by Trump and what he just accomplished.  None of them, in media or establishment government, thought for one second Trump might win.

People are sure that Trump is making nice now, flip-flopping and already conceding to compromise with the left.  But Trump, being the great business man that he is, holds things close to the vest, and anyone who is a deal-maker knows how to have a poker face. I would wager he is doing exactly that.  He’s going to keep ’em guessing.  It’s going to be torture for the media as well as the corrupt career political types.

So, Trump’s being nice to Obama, Hillary, Ryan, et all, is calculated.  He holds all of the cards.  He can afford to be nice.

So why are Hillary and Obama and Ryan being nice to Trump?  I’ll tell you why, and it’s a good sign.  Because he does hold all of the cards. He now has the power to prosecute all of them.  Obama could pardon Hillary, but who’s going to pardon Obama?

Think about it.

2 thoughts on “They’re all suddenly so nice to Donald Trump. Here’s why!

  1. I am new to your blog, and blessed by it. Praise God for His obvious hand in this: the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effectual! Now the church must continue interceding fervently, praying for the President-elect as he selects his cabinet and staff, that the electoral college vote falls in accordance with the general election, that the lost seek God, repent, and receive Christ, and that all who are pleased with the election put their hope in the Lord and NOT in men, etc.
    I like your point that Trump holds the cards. Regarding pardons, however, Hillary would have to be prosecuted and convicted of a crime or crimes before she could be pardoned, right?


    • Welcome, Deanna. And in answer to your question, no, unfortunately she doesn’t have to even have charges brought before he can pardon her. However, I honestly don’t think Obama cares much for Hillary, so it could go either way. I think that even if he did pardon her, there are ways around that, one of which would be to indict Obama with culpability for the same crimes.


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