Pizzagate”fake news”

For those of you who can stomach it, and are trying to figure out if you believe the Pizzagate scandal is real or not, now that some false flag event has been perpetrated in which someone went into the Pizza establishment at the center of it all, waving a gun and claiming he came to take revenge on the pedophiles, here is a video you should watch (9 mins).  It is getting to a point it is just sad that the ones who are up to their necks in this filthy debauchery and the ones who are covering for them in the MSM, actually think the average public is this stupid that if they just say it is all merely crazy conspiracy, we are all supposed to just go along with that.  But what is really sad is that there are so many people who will do just that.  The video is not graphic in and of itself, except for some use of foul language near the end though the subject matter certainly should turn your stomach.  When I heard the mainstream news calling the whole thing a lie that has been debunked, I was livid.  Not that I watch television news much at all, but my husband likes it on during supper for a bit. God is revealing just how saturated this world is with sin, how much people love their sin, and it is a time to know where you stand.

Here is an additional video  (14 mins)that gives more information about Pizzagate and the coming New World Order.  Absolutely not for the faint of heart.

But there is also another facet to this that everyone needs to keep in mind. Please watch this video as well. (6 minutes)

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  1. We’ve got a real problem in this country when MSM can run interference for this kind of stuff. Then label everything they don’t like fake news. No one asks Podesta about his art collection. No one checks out the information. . But a KKK guy has a meeting with a few dozen people and mentions Trump and… bingo, national Trump story, days of non-stop coverage..


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