DETESTABLE – in the wake of the Pizza Party – YouTube

Pay real close attention around 19 minutes and 49 seconds into the video to know which U.S. Presidential candidate (whose name rhymes with red blues and who everyone touted as an evangelical) that is apparently also very deeply involved in this scandal.

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  1. God bless you for posting this. Another pastor ministering to SRA/DID survivors is Doug Riggs, formerly from Oklahoma, presently in Syracuse. A student of Dallas Theological Seminary, Doug (more importantly) has tremendous experiential knowledge of Christ via his spiritual warfare on behalf of his pastorate, most of whom were victims of SRA/DID because they were born into Illuminati families. Doug has a phenomenal amount of information available on the subject on his website, (that’s where the Lord taught me about Russ Disdar).


    • I pray God gives extra special blessings to those He has called to that particular ministry. The sheer amount of pain and human suffering that exists in this present world is utterly overwhelming and God must dispense the wherewithal to these individuals on an ongoing basis for the sake of those they seek to rescue and just to stomach the work of exposing those responsible for the travesty. Thy Kingdom come on Earth, Lord.

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