Readers of this blog need to hear what Henry Gruver says in this interview with Steve Quayle

I have shied away from Quayle in past because I had not really heard a lot of his stuff and hadn’t vetted him.  I have watched some videos of his today that convince me we probably need to hear what he has to say, and I’ll be continuing to work my way through his videos. We are down to the wire and it is important to know as much as we can to understand what is happening in our world.  Pray about it and decide for yourself if this lines up with Scripture. After what Obama and Kerry just did to Israel, I would not be surprised if this happens–S. T. Lloyd

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5 thoughts on “Readers of this blog need to hear what Henry Gruver says in this interview with Steve Quayle

  1. Jeremiah chapters 50-51 speak of a End time America being destroyed by nuclear weapons
    I believe. There are many descriptive terms in those chapters which can only be applied to our nation. I don’t know if this happens before or after the rapture of the church which is Revelation 5 where the redeemed of all the earth are present before the Lord.

  2. Thank you for the introduction to Steve Quayle via these videos. I was then led to listen to him and a similarly gifted brother also new to me (Tom Horn) in this VERY informative 3hr radio show (The Hagmann Report) that I believe you, ST, will be blessed by:
    Every hour of the show is rich with important information for these last days, so I urge you to listen to it all – it shouldn’t disappoint. Let me know your assessment if you listen to it. 😊

  3. Thank you for posting these. The people are new to me, but this registers clearly with my spirit… prophetic dots are being connected. Above all, we must bear fruit in keeping with repentance – we must KNOW the Word/the Scriptures, BELIEVE Him/the Scriptures, and ACT/SPEAK in accordance with the Holy Spirit. A voice like a trumpet is about to call, and few are listening…

    • Yes, I have heard that one. I believe what they are tracking is what is coming upon the Earth during the tribulation, and we are just seeing the set-up for those things. God’s purpose for guys like Horn and Quayle is probably to instill fear in those who are unsaved, although they seem to Christians are going to encounter this stuff while we are still here before the rapture. Not sure exactly on what is their eschatology.

      • Through yourself and vessels as Quayle and Horn, the Lord shows me the full picture of how the Scriptures are being fulfilled. The more He reveals the despicable satanic underminings of history to me, the more fully I know Christ and His glory, and can minister Him to others. I truly am grateful for your ministry in culling through many stories and presenting select ones to me for my edification. The knowledge I glean therein helps me in interceding for others and ministering the word as I do. Sure do love how this glorious Body of Christ functions!

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