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Reiterating once again that I don’t subscribe to personal visions that come from God for select people to reveal to the world, the Steve Quayle videos I posted yesterday may be significant not in what they tell us the Lord is going to allow, but rather, in what Satan’s plans might be.

I knew in my Spirit when I got up this morning, that I needed to write this perspective today as a follow-up.

I have been mulling over the two videos today and praying and searching the scripture..  There was something about what the video contained, aside from the personal vision of Mr. Gruber, that was niggling at me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,  I figured out what that was. George Washington was a Freemason. (I know, duh, but sometimes when I am listening to a video, I am doing something else so that I take it in on a more subconscious level, and that seems to help me break down the information, but it also sometimes means I miss the more obvious stuff.)

Gruver says in the second video, that he “believes in George Washington’s vision” which entails 1) a female angel (no female angels in the Bible) and 2) red clouds (red sky in the morning means coming storm. See Matthew 16:3) and 3) thunder and lightening in the heavens (I saw Satan fall as lightening from heaven), 4) a bear to George Washington’s left and to his right are  5) a lion and  6) two golden trumpets. *There is no golden trumpet in scripture)

Thunder is a “type” of God’s voice in scripture.  In Revelation 4, there are numerous mentions of thunder around God’s throne. It all seems to point to judgment and God’s power.

Amos 5 (which is a call to repentance) speaks of the Day of the Lord being “as a man fleeing from a lion and a bear met him”. (Verse 19)  Numbers 10 speaks of two trumpets: God commanded Moses to fashion two silver trumpets, each of a solid piece, and use them to call together the assembly.   The first mention of a trumpet in the Bible is in Exodus 19.  The Lord came down, and Moses “went up:, and this is a “type” of the rapture. Silver is a type of purification or purging.

In Daniel 8:20 we see that Medo-Persia is represented by two horns of a ram, and Medo-Persia is also called the “Ram and the Bear”.

The Shofar is a rams horn.

As a Freemason, any vision Washington may have had had would be very suspect as having been given him by the god of the Freemasons which is Baphomet, that goat with horns and the “as above, so below” references in opposites depicted with his image:


What do Mr.Gruber’s visions represent, I don’t know, but they are not out of the Bible, so are they maybe a part of the delusion that’s being set up?

The reason God is the One who will separate the wheat from the chaff of the church age, is because He is the only one who knows the difference. No matter how Godly someone may seem in the way that they present or project themselves, we don’t know.  But we should know the Word, and how to use it to test such things.

I did go on to watch more of Steve Quayle’s videos, and enough of them had a lot of truth, and then one or two bits that were not Scriptural, that I think I’ve seen enough.  I heard this saying growing up, “Satan will flood you with truth just to float one lie”.  And so that is why it can be hard to tell with some of the people out there teaching, preaching, writing books, etc.  The devil’s minions gotta have a way to inform his minions of his plans too, I guess.  Is it possible for Christians to be used of Satan?  I would say it definitely is.  Even if it is inadvertent, it’s still something that will have to be answered for before the Lord.  I think Christians who get into apostasy run the risk of being taken out of this life early.  For their own sake, and the sake of the ones they may cause to stumble.  Doesn’t hurt for us to know what the enemy is up to, though.

That being said, you should probably know about this from all the way back in October:



Russian state newspapers predict ‘direct military conflict’ with US as it compares Syria stalemate to Cuban missile crisis

‘Third World War’ fears have been voiced by the newspapers over the growing tensions with the USA

That part is true!  Although I think that may change under President-Elect Donald Trump, but we’ll see.  God uses it all to orchestrate His will and His outcome.

Also, here’s this:

John McCain demanding “Act of War” against Russia




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  1. Who are Gruver/Gruber and Quayle anyway? There’re so many goofballs out there with big ideas; and anyone can write anything. I prefer to avoid all these people with “opinions.” Heavens-to-Daisy— George Washington, no less! Does God REALLY need added dialogue to the scriptures He’s already dictated?

    Oh, don’t mind me. I’m getting old and VERY opinionated.


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