Fellow Weary Saints, a couple of stories I missed.

Take the millions of rounds of ammo, and millions of guns that the government has secured, give them to the millions of Islamic “refugees” and the “Civil War” the elites long for in America, is achieved.  It’s exactly like America has done in the Middle East many times in recent decades.

Did the U.S. Army Just Build 117,000 ‘Super’ Guns?  (I hope so!)

I am of a mind to agree with Amir Tsarfati, and lets call upon the Lord to come.  I know His return hinges on fulfilling the number of the “fullness of the Gentiles”.  But I pray this many times a day.  But if this stuff is going to truly hit us before then, the only “preparation” we can do is be prayed up, confessed up, filled up with the Holy Spirit and Word, and fully trust Him.  Because no one wants it to come to bloodshed.  I take that back,  no one in their right mind wants it.  The elites are literally driven by demonic blood lust, and given over to their evil.

Meanwhile, as long as we remain, here’s a positive thing:

Trump Considering Plan to Privatize Veterans Administration