While Obama Builds Fake Hysteria With Russia, Real Threat Emerges With 6,800 Human Weapons

This is troubling!

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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-unDamon Morgan

Barack Obama has proven to be very adept at manipulating voters by preying on the emotions of hatred and fear. He used both of these strong motivators to help Black Lives Matter become a far-reaching social movement dedicated to tearing down law and order in the U.S.

He probably never thought he’d find an ally in establishment Republicans, but they have discovered common ground in their desire to demonize Putin and push for military intervention against Russian forces in Syria. It is unclear what the final objective is, but one thing is certain: Putin has done more to fight ISIS rebels in Syria than Obama has.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a great guy who we should place a lot of trust in. But it does mean that he is a much stronger leader than President Obama when it comes to standing up against radical Islamic terrorists.

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